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Fri, May. 4th, 2007, 10:53 pm
Kythorn 10

Hmm. I had tried to contact the magic-user Cadderly again, but with no real results. Judging by the rumours I have heard of him, he is quite the man.

...I did see two very interesting looking dwarves though. One appeared to have green hair, which is quite unusual, even, apparently, for these parts.

I have been staying in and around the village inn listening for information on any other powerful magic users in the vicinity, but have heard nothing. Has anybody else been any more successful in finding information on our current situation?

Sat, Apr. 28th, 2007, 03:22 pm
Kythorn 7

Spirit soaring is...quite the place. I've never seen a temple so big. I had heard it was dedicated to a deity called Deneir, but I'd never heard of the god before.
I have spent some time learning about him, and he seems to be something a scholar like Kraden would have no time following. I'll have to tell him about Deneir when I get back.

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Mon, Apr. 23rd, 2007, 03:15 am
Kythorn 4

I don't quite know where I am, but wherever it is, I don't like it. It's somewhere called...Cadaron? Carradoon?

It's a nice enough place, but it reminds me a little too much of home. I find myself wishing it was home, sort of.

I think I'll stay here for a little while, looking for some sort of clue as to who brought me here and why. I need to get back home somehow. I didn't find my sister after all that time to just lose her again after all.